YOUR FIVE RITES - w/Mary Bartel, Yoga therapist

Your Five Rites

Gain back, core and upper body strength, energy, vitality and calm focus with a few exercises - based on the ancient Tibetan Five Rites. In just a couple of weeks, practicing regularly for approximately 10 mins, see how you move with more pep in your step. Mary has taken the functional movements of the original series. modified it, and she adapts it to fit your current needs safely.

The Five Rites have been coined "The Fountain of Youth". Come or ZOOM in to learn why and let's have your youthful vitality shining forth! Have a friend or partner join you.

As a Structural Yoga Therapist, "Adapting to the Individual" is the key principle. You will be assessed regarding the need for alternate postures or adaptations as you learn the exercises. You will always work within your comfort zone - never pushing - gradually progressing. So, this practice can be a great introductory series for beginners, or can inspire seasoned students to practice with the theory that will be imparted.

Special pricing:
1 Session
$75/1 hour/one-on-one in person or virtual via ZOOM
$105/semi-private (2 people)

3 Sessions
$210/one-on-one in person or virtual

Session 1: Learn about and be guided in the exercises
Session 2: Practice adjusted or further guided instruction for greater understanding
Session 3: Going deeper

Call or email for an appointment.

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or call Mary to schedule or with questions: 518-354-2425.

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Cancellation Policy:
Payment for cancellations requested less than 48 hrs. before scheduled appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

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