golden seedS - w/Mary barteL, Yoga Therapist
Private Session

This session is intended to help deepen your yoga practice energetically. Clients will practice the gentle Taoist yoga sequence, The Golden Seed, created by Yin Yoga teacher trainers, Paul & Suzee Grilley. Feel the sequence come alive after you learn some QiGong and Yoga philosophy.

What you will learn:

  • Methods that enhance yoga as meditation-in-motion.
  • How various movements stimulate energy related to our organ systems.
  • The symbolism of various postures in the sequence practiced.
  • Hand gestures to invoke reception of energy from the Three Life Treasures.

The standing sequence presented stands alone as a practice, or use it as a warm-up or cool down to a longer practice. It also complements Your Five Rites. You will receive a handout of the sequence via email.

Special pricing:
1 Session
$60/1 hour/one-on-one in person or virtual via ZOOM
$80/semi-private (2 people)

3 Sessions
$170/one-on-one in person or virtual

Session 1: Learn about, be guided in the sequence, receive an email handout
Session 2: Practice adjusted or further guided instruction for greater understanding
Session 3: Going deeper

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